Book Review: Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Petterson Haddix

Well, here is my first review.

Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Petterson Haddix.

Cecilia is given to a nanny after her parents died, living in a remote village. As she grows up, she was told that she is the true princess of Suala, and she believed that she was all throughout her life. There is a “fake” princess at the castle, as a protection to Cecilia.

Her best friend is a boy named Harper, who is being given harp lessons by his mother.

At fourteen years old, Cecilia and Harper decide to go to the castle, to tell the “fake” princess, Desmia, that Cecilia is ready to take her place in the castle.

But, things don’t go as planned. Many dangers arise for the two friends, and for several others in the kingdom.

This book is recommended for girls ages 12 and up.

In my opinion, the book was pretty well written. The characters are believable for the setting and time they are in. I would definitely recommend this book to those who like princesses, and fairy tales.




For a while now, I have been thinking of writing reviews on here, of restaurants, books, movies, music, and other things. I have decided to do that every Friday.

Others can suggest things for me to check out, and I will watch/read/listen to/visit and write about my experiences.

So, if anyone has any suggestions for things for me to check out, feel free to message me, and I’ll be happy to try them!

Dear Zachary, Zelda and Cody Williams,

I heard that you have been getting some negative comments about your father’s death. You do not deserve that.
Your father was an amazing man; loved by many. He will surely be missed by his fans, whom I can proudly say I am one.

Those that are giving you all this negativity are ignorant people, who aren’t worth your time and energy.

I know how it feels to lose a parent. My mom died almost four years ago, and I miss her very much.

Stay strong, and you will get through this. There are lots of people out there who truly cared for your father, and surely care for you as well.

Diane G.

100 Things I Love

I got the idea for this from Pinterest. So, here is my list of 100 things that I love.

  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. Chicago
  4. Music
  5. Horses
  6. Writing
  7. Reading/books
  8. Blogging
  9. My local library
  10. Doctor Who (David Tennant)
  11. Glow in the dark stuff
  12. Chocolate
  13. Knitting
  14. Lists
  15. Hats
  16. Teddy bears
  17. The color purple
  18. Crocheting
  19. Harry Potter
  20. Baking
  21. Stickers
  22. Tie-dye
  23. Cheesecake
  24. Calendars
  25. Photography
  26. Spicy food
  27. Travel
  28. Children
  29. Composition notebooks
  30. Thrift stores
  31. Sudoku
  32. Pinterest
  34. Working with clay
  35. Rainy days
  36. Yearbooks
  37. Plaid
  38. Butterflies
  39. Ladybugs
  40. Hammocks
  41. Scrapbooking
  42. Bandannas
  43. Cowboy/girl hats
  44. Cowboy/girl boots
  45. Trampolines
  46. Italian food
  47. Tacos
  48. Lemonade
  49. Strawberry banana smoothies/shakes
  50. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream
  51. Time alone/being by myself
  52. Hagrid
  53. Johnny Depp
  54. Museum of Science and Industry
  55. Hot chocolate
  56. Long hair
  57. Andrea Bocelli
  58. Special education
  59. Michael Buble
  60. Dreams
  61. Sleeping in
  62. Kits
  63. Laughter
  64. Black pens
  65. Purring cats
  66. Sparklers
  67. Dream catchers
  68. Hugs
  69. Switched at Birth
  70. Rainbows
  71. S’mores
  72. Jonathan Antoine
  73. Lord of the Rings
  74. The Hobbit
  75. Bombur (from The Hobbit)
  76. Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs
  77. Cream cheese
  78. Cookbooks
  79. Knitting/crochet books
  80. Instagram
  81. Temporary tattoos
  82. Balloons
  83. Henna tattoos
  84. Magnets
  85. Tank tops
  86. Strawberry gelato
  87. Sunflowers
  88. Yarn
  89. Sidewalk chalk
  90. Peace signs
  91. Gilmore Girls
  92. Celtic Woman
  93. Celtic Thunder
  94. My cats
  95. Carving/painting pumpkins for Halloween
  96. Dyeing eggs for Easter
  97. Polar bears
  98. Dogs
  99. Arts and crafts
  100. Linguistics

Here is an extra one, just because.

101.  Astronomy/science/star-gazing

Grateful Challenge: Day 5

  1. Living in a town filled with different, wonderful people.
  2. Living close enough to shops, restaurants, and festivals, where I don’t necessarily have to drive there
  3. Having a bike that has lasted for many years, and is still in great condition

(I completely forgot to post yesterday, so I will be doing two days today.)