Ten Year High School Reunion Weekend

This past Saturday was my ten year high school reunion.

Ten years. How is that even possible? I seriously CANNOT believe it’s been ten years already. The time just flew by so fast!

I went to the reunion with a friend of mine. It was at a restaurant called Bar Louie. I have been to the one near me, and they are really good.

I had a pretty good time. One of my classmates actually came over to me, and hugged me. I didn’t think she would do that, as we weren’t really friends in school, and didn’t hang out that much. We didn’t have many classes together, either. But, it was nice that she wanted to say hi to me, and to ask how I was doing.

I just wish I was friends with more of the people from my class. I was very shy in school, so I didn’t have a lot of friends. I also didn’t like school that much, because of my learning disability. I didn’t do well in my classes, although I did graduate on time (thank goodness!).

I decided to go to my reunion, though, because I figured it would be nice to get away from home for a few hours, and have a little fun.

There were probably about 30 to 40 others who came to the reunion, so it was a pretty good turn out (even though there were about 700 classmates in the year). I had a good time, and am so glad I went.


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