Five-Minute Prompt: Belong


Where do I belong?

Where do you?

Do we truly belong anywhere?

What does it mean to “belong”?

We belong no where

And everywhere

In this big world

Belonging means something different

To each person

Everyone belongs here on Earth

No matter who they are

We belong where our hearts lead us

Where we feel most comfortable

And at home


Five-Minute Journal Prompts

These prompts are actually called Five-Minute Fridays, which are from the blog Lisa-Jo Baker, which you can find here. Since I missed most of them, I figured I would do them on other days until I get caught up. I know I don’t have to do that, but I really want to.

So here is the first one:


You were my best friend

We did everything together

Played pretend school

Switching between student and teacher

We made paper snowflakes

And gave them away to your apartment neighbors

We celebrated our birthdays together

We played in the rain

We hung out on the playground during school

But then you had to move away

And my heart broke when I heard

We went to the ice cream parlor

For a farewell treat

Just you and me and your mom

I was sad to see you go

And broken-hearted

To lose my best friend

Life hasn’t been the same

Without you here

But I have managed alright

I still miss you

And think about you

Every once in a while

I hope we can reconnect

And become friends again

You were my best friend