Chimpanzees and Volunteering

Well, today was kind of a busy day. At 2 pm this afternoon, I had a meeting with the woman who was head of the home delivery thing at the library. She told me and showed me what I was going to be doing, and where I would meet up, to do the home delivery thing. I’m really excited to be starting my volunteering experience this Friday.

Since I go to the library quite a bit, I figured I might as well either volunteer or work there, whichever came first. Since I heard back about volunteering first, that’s what I’m doing. So I’m looking forward to that. Everyone I’ve met so far has been really nice, and looks forward to working with me and the other volunteers.

I then went to the 4 pm showing of the movie Chimpanzee. I loved that movie. I really love animals, so this was the perfect movie for me to see. It’s amazing to see them interact with others of their kind. Especially with the younger chimpanzees. So, I would definitely go see this movie, if you get the chance.

So, today was a good day. I hope I have some more days like this, where I’m busy just enough to take my mind of things. Life has been rough the last year and almost six months. So I need things to do, that I enjoy, to keep me (and my mind) busy. Last week was somewhat busy, which was nice.

Well, that’s all for now. More to come later.


Wishes and Goals: School

For the past few weeks, I have been wanting to go back to school. I have been away for more than a year, and I am really ready to go back. When I was in school last, I was going for my Hospitality degree, focusing on baking.

Lately, I’ve been debating doing a double major, with Hospitality and Special Education. I want to be both a baker and a special education teacher. I absolutely love baking, and children (not necessarily in that order!), so why not go to school for both?

There are a few things stopping me from going back to school. One: money. I don’t have a job, so I can’t pay for classes, and other school expenses, myself. Although, when I went before, my parents paid for everything. Then, I didn’t mind for a while. Now, I really want to pay myself.

I know there are scholarships and all that, but the process of getting them is long, and can be difficult. I really wish I had a job right now, so I can pay for things myself. It’s all so frustrating right now.

Another thing stopping me: a counseling restriction. I have no idea what it’s for, and it’s preventing me from signing up for any classes. I can’t do anything until that is fixed. And to fix that, I would have to go to school. And to go to school, I would have to take the bus.

The school is about 4 miles away, and I don’t have a license yet to drive myself there. That’s another thing that’s preventing me from going back to school. I’m ready to get my permit again, and to practice driving. Hopefully, by the time I do go back to school, I can drive myself.

Then I wouldn’t have to depend on others, and possibly be late to class. And I would be really, really happy then. But until then, I have to have others take me places.

Another thing preventing me is my shyness. I don’t like/feel comfortable talking to people I don’t know. And I want to get over that. I really hate not being able to talk to people like I want to. Although, with the classes I took so far for my Hospitality degree, which required some talking (of course), I hardly did any talking and I did well in them (straight A’s!).

Although, there are a couple classes, at least, that require a lot more talking and interaction, which I am very uncomfortable with. And that stinks. I hate being uncomfortable. Especially with speaking. Which is why I wonder why I really want to be a teacher. I would have to do a lot of speaking.

And because I’m so shy, I prefer texting, writing, and blogging. Although, I suppose that if I was more outgoing, I would still like those modes of communication. Writing is my favorite way of expressing myself.

Anyway, I am hoping to go to school to get everything sorted out, so I can go back to school. I’m actually looking forward to going back to school, surprisingly. I hadn’t always done well in school, so I didn’t like school because of that. But now, I’m liking school more now. So, I’m excited. But I’m also anxious, because of all that I have to do to go back.

But, we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, it’ll all work out for the best. I’m going to look at scholarships and grants when I get my schedule sorted out, so I don’t have to worry too much about paying for school. And maybe even look at the work/study program, as well.

Well, that’s all for now. More to come later.

Somewhat Busy Week So Far

So far this week, I have been out at least once a day. Monday, I went to the phone store, because my cell phone wasn’t working properly. The guy I talked to said he would either have to do a master reset on the phone, and everything but my contacts would be deleted. That would be free.

The other thing he said he could do was to order a replacement phone. Since we have insurance, the phone would cost $5, I guess for processing and all that. I told him I would have to talk to my dad about that.

My dad said that whatever I chose to do was fine (he was the one who bought me the phone, so that’s why I asked him). So I decided to go back to the store the next day.

Later on on Monday, I went to see Bully in theaters. Wow. That is a heartbreaking movie. It inspired me to want to do something about bullying. I hate seeing kids being bullied by others. Especially when they didn’t do anything.

Hopefully I can do something soon. I really want to get into some sort of bully-prevention program.

Tuesday, I went to the library because I had a volunteer orientation meeting. They explained what options were available for volunteers, led us on a tour of the library, and let us decide what we want to do, and when we want to volunteer.

I am delivering library materials to those who aren’t able to come to the library, from 9 am to 11 am every Friday. I’m nervous, but excited. I’ve been needing something to do, outside of the house.

I also went to the phone store again, so they can fix my phone. I wanted them to do the master reset thing, but the guy I talked to this time said that the reset wouldn’t work on everything. So, he ordered a new phone for me, and told me that it would arrive at least by the next day.

Wednesday, I had an appointment with my therapist. That was an hour long. By the time I got home, my new phone came. So I switched the SIM card, the memory card, the battery, and the cover to that phone, and put the old phone in the package. I will be mailing that off tomorrow.

Today, I went to the Economy Shop with a friend. The Economy Shop is a resale shop. I love these kinds of shops. I always find things I want, every time I go. They have really good stuff. I got a dress, a top, some fabric, a patch with a yin yang sign on it, an embroidery kit, and an accordian file. All for less about $7. All in all, a really good deal. And a good day.

The rest of the week, I don’t know what else I’m going to do. Well, on Saturday, my dad and I are going to church in the evening. So I have that to look forward to. Other than that, I’ll probably just be relaxing. So this was a good week. I really needed this. I was bored. Although I like being home, I really needed stuff to do outside the house. I’m happy now.

Well, that’s all for now. More to come later.

Wow…I Am Inspired to Want to Make a Difference

Earlier today, I saw the movie ‘Bully.’ Such an emotional movie. If you don’t know ‘Bully’ documents several students who have been/are being bullied. Two of the students they documented took their life, because the bullying was too much for them to handle.

I cried several times during the movie, it was so sad. I have been inspired by the movie, to want to make a difference. I want to stop bullying, so no more students resort to committing suicide. I hate seeing people suffer/hurt. Especially children, and parents who lose children.

I haven’t seen anyone being bullied (from what I can remember), and I haven’t really been bullied personally, but I really want to put an end to this. I don’t get why kids would treat other kids this way, and ‘kids are just being kids’ is such a stupid excuse.

They should know better. So what if someone is different from them? That’s what makes them interesting. And beautiful. If everyone were the same, life would not be as good.

So, will you stomp out bullying? I know I will.

Finally Feeling Better

After over a week, I’m finally over this cold. I am so happy about that!

Tuesday, I went to see The Three Stooges. It was a good movie. I liked it, but nothing beats the orginal Stooges.

Yes, I love the Stooges. They are funny, and amazing. My mom didn’t like them because she said they were ‘stupid.’ I always told her that they were supposed to be. That’s their act. But she didn’t get it.

It doesn’t matter, though. I still like the Stooges.

Within the next week, I am planning on seeing the movie ‘Bully.’ It seems like a really good movie. I can’t wait to see it.

Well, that’s all for now. More to come later.


The last few days, I have felt pretty run down. My nose has been stuffy/runny, but it doesn’t feel like a cold. So I’m thinking it may be allergies. I really hope this goes away soon. I hate feeling like this.

This past Tuesday, I had a friend over to knit/crochet. I had a good time. Besides knitting/crocheting, we cooked and ate some quesadillas and watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl. My friend also taught me how to crochet. Surprisingly, I was able to get it pretty quickly.

I’m making a purse, with granny squares. So far, even though it’s not much, I’m doing pretty good, which is awesome fore me. So, I am happy.

Hopefully I will get the purse done within the next month or two, depending on how I do.

A couple months ago, I had a dream that I had my hair in dreads, and I have been seriously thinking about actually doing that. I asked my friend what she thought about that, and she said she thinks I would look good with dreads. I think she said I have a sort of woodsy sort of look to me, that would be good for this. Or something like that.

I don’t know how to do that, or how much it will cost, though. I might have a friend or two help in creating dreads someday.

This coming week, I am thinking of going to see a couple movies: Wrath of the Titans, and The Three Stooges. They seem like good movies. The last movie I saw was Mirror Mirror, and that was an interesting movie. Hopefully these two will be better. Hopefully I’ll feel up to going to them, because I don’t know how I will feel this week.

If I don’t feel like going out, I might watch a movie at home, which is just as good. I’ll be happy either way.

My nephew’s seventh birthday is next month. I can’t believe he’s almost seven. It seems like just yesterday he was born. I absolutely love, and adore my nephew. Life is more beautiful with him in it. I hope he has a wonderful, happy birthday.

My niece’s birthday is a couple months after that. She will be turning five then. Man, where has the time gone? I also absolutely love and adore my niece. The both of them are such joys. I love being an aunt to those two.

Well, that’s all for now. More to come later.

Easter Fun

Yesterday was Easter, and I celebrated at my sister’s house. I had fun. I got to hang out with my niece and nephew, who I adore/love dearly. They are 6 and 4, a great age for Easter time. They loved their baskets, which I’m happy about.

My niece loved the sugar cookies I made. I did too. So, I’ll have to make them more often. They are really good. I also made brownies for everyone, too. I heard my nephew ask his mom (my sister) to give him the biggest brownie she could fine. I thought that was kind of funny. I guess he really likes brownies.

Friday, I dyed eggs for the holiday. That is one thing I will never stop doing. I never get tired of dyeing eggs. I don’t think anyone would be too old for that. I will always be a kid at heart, no matter how old I am. I LOVE arts and crafts.

So, Easter was good this year. How was your Easter? Or Passover if you celebrate? I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Well, that’s all for now. More to come later.